Experienced JavaScript Developer

Experienced Javascript Developer


Spherical is hiring Experienced JavaScript Developers to implement web-based experiences across a series of tools and games supporting climate resilience in Los Angeles. This position is remote.

About Spherical

Spherical is a strategic design and integrative research studio supporting projects regenerating the health and integrity of Earth’s living systems. Learn more →

Current Project

Spherical is currently developing simulation and visualization technologies to support ongoing efforts to accelerate the climate resilience of Los Angeles County (population 10M). Designed in collaboration with established community advocates, bioregional planners, game designers, policy analysts, economists, and hydrological modelers, these tools are designed to illuminate the cascading benefits of integrated watershed management. They will enable residents and decision makers to interactively explore the complex dynamics and hidden relationships between ecological health, economic justice, urban infrastructure, and community well-being in the context of a rapidly changing climate.

We value a diverse team and encourage women and people of color to apply.

What You'll Do

  • Co-develop web applications on a tech stack that includes Vue, Mapbox, and MongoDB running on Heroku
  • Co-develop web-based geospatial data visualizations
  • Work both collaboratively and independently within an Agile methodology
  • Communicate your work and technical concepts to the larger Spherical team

What You Need

  • Professional experience as a developer on a Vue or React project
  • General experience with both front-end and back-end development
  • Experience with Vue 3 and Vuex/Pinia preferred
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts effectively
  • Portfolio of cartographic and data visualization projects is a plus
  • Please link to your GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket account or portfolio when applying


Remote (UTC -8 to -4)