Art Director / Production Designer

Art Director / Production Designer


Spherical is hiring an Art Director / Production Designer to set and maintain an aesthetic vision and in-world continuity across a suite of online experiences (including short videos, interactive mapping tools, and games) supporting climate resilience in Los Angeles. This position is located in Los Angeles County as part of a remote team.

About Spherical

Spherical is a strategic design and integrative research studio supporting projects regenerating the health and integrity of Earth’s living systems. Learn more →

Current Project

Spherical is currently developing simulation and visualization technologies to support ongoing efforts to accelerate the climate resilience of Los Angeles County (population 10M). Designed in collaboration with established community advocates, bioregional planners, game designers, policy analysts, economists, and hydrological modelers, these tools are designed to illuminate the cascading benefits of integrated watershed management. They will enable residents and decision makers to interactively explore the complex dynamics and hidden relationships between ecological health, economic justice, urban infrastructure, and community well-being in the context of a rapidly changing climate.

We value a diverse team and encourage women and people of color to apply.

What You'll Do

  • Translate a conceptual strategy and moodboarding into a cohesive production design and art direction
  • Generate team alignment on the art direction and its ongoing evolution
  • Source artists, including illustrators, visual UI designers and animators, to produce production assets in service of art direction for worldbuilding.
  • Oversee the production of art assets for both software applications and videos in line with the art direction
  • Oversee the documentation and standardization of artistic guidelines as part of a broader design system

What You Need

  • 5+ years of related experience in production design for virtual, animated, and/or cinematic worlds.
  • Experience art directing under a diverse range of conceptual domains and aesthetics
  • Ability to translate conceptual direction and essence of place (specifically Los Angeles) into a clear aesthetic direction
  • Ability to inspire creative work in others
  • Strong communication and ability to provide rationale behind artistic decisions
  • Desire to collaborate across functions
  • Familiarity with (and love for!) diverse places within the Los Angeles basin


We are seeking a resident of Los Angeles for this position as part of a broader remote team.