Female Latinx Voiceover Artist

Female Latinx Voiceover Artist

About Spherical

Spherical is a strategic design and integrative research studio supporting projects regenerating the health and integrity of Earth’s living systems. Learn more →

Current Project

Spherical is currently developing simulation and visualization technologies to support ongoing efforts to accelerate the climate resilience of Los Angeles County (population 10M). Designed in collaboration with established community advocates, bioregional planners, game designers, policy analysts, economists, and hydrological modelers, these tools are designed to illuminate the cascading benefits of integrated watershed management. They will enable residents and decision makers to interactively explore the complex dynamics and hidden relationships between ecological health, economic justice, urban infrastructure, and community well-being in the context of a rapidly changing climate.

We value a diverse team and encourage women and people of color to apply.


  • Seeking female Latinx voiceover talent for a 3-4 minute animated educational film about climate and water impacts in Los Angeles.
  • Character is an “approachable expert” having an informal but intelligent back-and-forth conversation with another character.
  • Sound like a relatable real person, believable and authentic as being from LA
  • Aiming to record in early January 2022
  • Budget: $500
  • Distribution: online only (no tv)
  • Home recording setup/booth a plus

Audition Text


Here are 3 representative chunks of dialogue. The (parenthetical) parts are the lines that lead-in to the ones we’re casting for. These are added since the actual lines don’t make much sense out of context.

The content covered in the script can be very academic, so we're aiming to reduce that with a conversational feel. We're open to the talent bending/improvising the lines a bit in the auditions to make them their own. They could do one take “on book” and another looser, if they like. No obligation, though!

Audition Text:

(So, what are we seeing here? Looks like the inside of some living thing.)

You could say that. It’s actually a map of where water flows on the land. All these rivers, streams, basins... they ARE keeping us all alive.

(Because LA’s a desert, right?)

Ehm, sort of... it kinda got turned INTO a desert, because of how the city’s expanded over the past century or so... that’s a whole other story.

[regaining train of thought]

Anyway, all this infrastructure got built to pipe in water from other places...But the thing is, the LA Basin still gets most of what it needs from just... rain.

(OK, so, it’s... working? Just from that?)

You’d be surprised… I mean look, that’s already a LOT less going down the drain.


Remote (UTC -8 to -4)

To Apply

Please send a recording ASAP to Director John Pavlus at xjparker+spherical@gmail.com