Illuminating Worldviews

Illuminating Worldviews


To expand beyond one-sided exchanges and the undue burden often placed on Indigenous collaborators, we are creating a transformational program called Illuminating Worldviews, which is a wayfinding journey of sorts. Wayfinding encompasses all of the ways in which people orient themselves in a space, and how they navigate from place to place. We wayfind based on our worldviews. Illuminating Worldviews will examine the paradigms and practices that have shaped the modern Anglo-settler world. We will provide a framework, space and support for participants to reflect on how these assumptions have shaped and directed our modern economic, legal and governance frameworks, but also, how these assumptions have shaped participants’ own lives, privileges (or lack of), and ways of being - physically, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

These modules are being designed as a journey down a river, with videos, interactive media and conversations as stopover sites to explore new terrain and the tributaries that feed the river.


Illuminating Worldviews (IW) assists participants in developing more reciprocal approaches to collaboration. Created by the RIVER collective and the Northern Council for Global Cooperation, the program explores how different paradigms and practices shape perceptions of the world. We create space and provide support for participants to reflect on their core beliefs and virtues, how we relate to our places and each other, and the tacit assumptions underlying dominant economic, legal and governance systems.


The goal of Illuminating Worldviews is to highlight different ways of knowing and being to inform collaborations with our human and more-than-human relations.

We are working towards a foundational Illuminating Worldviews module becoming available for the public via a multi-media series to foster understanding of these issues more widely.

Simultaneously, we intend to continue to run context-specific Illuminating Worldviews programs to specific audiences. The modular design of Illuminating Worldviews enables it to adapt to diverse contexts, as additional modules about specific places, beliefs, and projects are co-created with local participants. Participants have thus far included Canadian regional government officials and First Nations collaborating on climate change strategies. In our second pilot, we intend to extend the program to contexts in which entrepreneurs, funders, and advocacy groups are entering into collaborative partnerships.